Here is a list of my most frequently asked questions!

Q: How do I Subscribe and become a VIP?

A: It's easy... click Subscribe or go to this page. https://shopartinmotion.com/pages/subscribe

Q: Are you taking custom orders?

A: I am only able to take on a few commissioned pieces a month at this time. My sincere apologies. You can contact me about a Custom Order here

Q: When will my order ship?

A: All READY TO SHIP items are available to ship in a couple days time after purchase. Give or take a day. ALL MADE TO ORDER items are currently taking  4 to 6 weeks for production.

Q: Where can I purchase your work?

A: You can shop all of my work here!

Q: What is your return policy?

A: I only accept Exchanges please read the policy page for more information. 

Q: Do you offer layaway or reserve pieces?

A: Yes, absolutely! Many of my customers choose this option and it's very easy to set up a Klarna account or ShopPay at checkout. ***If you prefer I can manually set up a 60 Day layaway through PayPal.

Q: What is reclaimed metal? Do you always use it?

A: The term "reclaimed" means items or materials used in making of my pieces are re-purposed, and recycled from the leftove cuttings when I make jewelry.

All of the items are handmade and hand finished, from ethically sourced natural and reclaimed precious materials. Because of this, no two items are exactly alike or are they perfect. You can expect slight variations or inclusions, thus adding to the organic and unique feel of each piece. It is these slight imperfections that give handcrafted items their innate soulful character and appeal.  Nearly every piece I create is made from at least 30% or more reclaimed metal. You can read more about it here!

Q: Does 14k gold tarnish skin green or black?

A: Quick answer: Yes. 14K gold will/can tarnish skin Green. Explanation, Since 14k gold consists of ten parts non-gold metal, it tends to cause skin discoloration. Gold itself does not easily react with other chemical substances, but because I do not coat my jewelry with lacquer or waxes, they do come into contact with your skin. Other external factors Certain external factors, like antibiotics, residues from soaps, lotions, detergents, and cleansers, may build-up on your skin to cause a chemical or allergic reaction, leading to skin discoloration. 14K gold refers to gold that is 14 parts pure gold and ten parts alloy (usually zinc & copper). As a result, 14k gold consists of ten non-gold metals like copper, silver, bronze, zinc, and more metals. 14k gold has enough strength and durability to last for many years. 

Q: How should I care and clean my jewelry?

A: Please handle all handmade jewelry delicately, with care. Pieces should not be submerged under water, especially for prolonged periods of time. Please take your piece off before washing hands, swimming, exercising, or any type of rigorous activity. Never expose them to harsh chemicals. Household bleech will turn your silver black. All pieces have been given a patina, sanded, and polished, to bring out details and create additional depth, and can be re-polished with a paste created by mixing baking soda and water. To bring back shine I suggest purchasing a Sun Shine Cloth, easily found on Amazon or I do keep them in stock at the studio for $10 just shoot me a message.  

Q: Why haven't you responded to my email?

A: YIKES! I'm sorry! I hope you don’t need to ask this… I do my best to keep up... but I simply can't always stay on top of everything!  Through gmail, Instagram, website and Facebook... I receive hundreds of messages and as a one woman operation, I simply can't get to them all. I'd spend all my time behind the screen of a computer, and little to no time creating, or doing much of anything else.  I find that with creating, I need to find balance, with creating, time outdoors, gardening, and time with my family.  Because without time spent enjoying the places, people and things that bring me inspiration, I don't have much inspiration to draw from.  It's something that I really struggle with...so thank you for your patience and understanding.  It is truly appreciated. 

Q: When do you update your shop?

A: I do a standard update almost daily, which I usually announce on social media either on Instagram then on Facebook.  If you’ve signed up for my email list you will be the 1st to know when my next collections will hit the shop! I also do random small collection updates from time to time.  So, grab that cup of coffee and join me in the Gallery and shop at your leisure.😉

Q: How can I improve the odds of snagging a piece of yours on the website?

A: Sometimes this can be tricky, and as a person living in the woods with terrible internet service, I can relate to the struggle… it’s REAL!  

It's a good idea to come to the website a few minutes before a scheduled update, and log into your account or create one. Get your payment info ready to go beforehand. To avoid any hang ups with shipping please make sure your shipping address is correct.  

***When the update time comes, be sure to hit the refresh button to see all the new pieces.

If you have your heart set on something in particular, it is best to complete the transaction first, before adding additional items to your cart.  Adding multiple items at one time can run the risk of losing all of them. ***Don’t worry if I see that you’ve purchased multiple items, I will correct your shipping charges to reflect it.

Q: How did you get into metalsmithing? How did you learn?

A: I'm a self taught metalsmith, and to this day I still have never taken a class...although I'd like to!  It's on my bucket list.  There have been a lot of mistakes made, a lot of metal melted, and a lot of trial and error.  I tend to learn by doing... so that's what I did.  When I started out there weren't any classes available locally, and I was pretty broke.  So...I read books and watched YouTube when I could.

Q: Do you teach classes or lessons?

A: It's in the works, but at this time I'm sort of maxed out.  And honestly... I'm pretty unorthodox in the studio...

Q: What advice can you give someone new to metalsmithing?

A: Find your own voice… put your time in, and create every day! Make the mistakes and then make more mistakes. Don’t put it off… I wasted 20+ years afraid of failing so I did nothing!  Honestly...that's the best advice I can give.  

When you are able to draw from your own unique perspective, your heart and soul… That’s when you create art!

Peace, Love & Creativity