About the Artist


Hi, and welcome,

I'm Cheryl, the creative force of (AIM Studio) Art In Motion Jewelry & Metal Studio. Everything you see here, every piece of jewelry, décor, every photo, every post, is the result of my work. 

My sincere hope is to transmit you those values and inspirations that are the deep engines that drive me to create in the first place! I create because it's who I am, it brings me balance and joy.
I’ve always loved the arts. Since childhood, I used to spend a lot of time creating, pen and ink, sketching, woodworking, stitching, sculpting, painting and more.
But as a mom of 4 beautiful children and 3 step children this never allowed me to deepen in one of these crafts, as I had little humans to raise.
It wasn’t until I allowed myself the freedom to discover metalsmithing at the age of 50. It was love at first (Lite - of the torch) a whole new world of opportunities unfolded, and I was not about to waste any more time doubting myself.

My humble beginnings started with a jewelry making kit from JTV that literally sat under my bed for over 20 years! I was to afraid to try and fail. It contained a Creme Brulee' Torch instructions, and a pack of PMC silver clay. I sat down at our dining room table and created a pendant from bits of nature that my youngest daughter and I collected. (I still wear it around my neck today.) 

Humble Beginnings.

Humble Processes

I'm also very proud to say that I am self-taught and have no formal training. I have invented, designed and repurposed many of my own jewelry making tools to suit my unorthodox way of smithing. Everything I create is hand-formed from scratch with heirloom tools. I believe in creating adornments and objects that will transcend time, holding and inspiring meaning for generations that will follow. I prefer to create my jewelry using techniques and skills that jewelers have been developing for centuries rather than modernized jewelers equipment. 
Precious metals and natural gems are the materials that allow me to transfer my love for art & nature into wearable pieces of art. My jewelry & home decor consist of only one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces.

Seeing Beauty in Imperfection
I often use natural stones not considered ideal or perfect in the eyes of many. Unique stones with rare striations, inclusions, and imperfections, hold an intrinsic beauty of their own, inspiring truly one-of-a-kind pieces. 

My hope is to give you the best experience as customers, as well as to leave you with a piece of jewelry that communicates the passion and gratitude that went into creating it. Each and every piece I create has some of my soul woven into it. And maybe, that tiny treasure will act as a reminder of the astounding beauty of Nature that we’re all so intrinsically connected to.

I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry, as much as I love creating it.

Peace, Love & Creativity