About the Artist


Hi, and welcome,

I'm Cheryl, the creative force of (AIM Studio) Art In Motion Jewelry & Metal Studio Llc. Everything you see here, every piece of jewelry, décor, every photo, every post, is the result of my work. I have a peaceful soul, a sharp wit and a wild spirit.
My sincere hope is to transmit you those values and inspirations that are the deep engines that drive me to create in the first place! I create because it's who I am, it brings me balance and joy.
I’ve always loved the arts. Since childhood, I used to spend a lot of time creating, pen and ink, sketching, woodworking, stitching, sculpting, painting and more
But being a single mom of three beautiful children never allowed me to deepen in one of these crafts, as I had little humans to raise.
It wasn’t until I allowed myself the freedom to discover metalsmithing at the age of 50. It was love at first sight; a whole new world of opportunities unfolded, and I was not about to waste any more time doubting myself.

Being a 100% self-taught maker, and total optimist. It was extremely tough in the beginning, as I tend to put the cart before the horse. The making came naturally to me, earning a living whilst creating “did not!”

Precious metals and natural gems are the materials that allow me to transfer my love for nature and our Mother Earth. My jewelry & home decor consist of one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces. What I like to call wearable art.

My hope is to give you the best experience as customers, as well as to leave you with a piece of jewelry that communicates the passion and gratitude that went into creating it. Each and every piece I create has some of my soul woven into it. And maybe, that tiny treasure will act as a reminder of the astounding beauty of Nature that we’re all so intrinsically connected to.

I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry, as much as I love creating it.

Peace, Love & Creativity