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~NATURAL BEAUTY~ Engagement & Wedding Rings

A new line of fine jewelry of Cocktail, Engagement & Wedding Rings.
Created by Gold & Silversmith Cheryl Whitney-Huebner of @artinmotion_studio
Every component is handcrafted to produce a ring as unique and beautiful as you are. The diamonds are not up to commercial industry standards. They can be vintage diamonds, Polki Diamonds, Moissanite, slightly flawed, or imperfect in some way.
But they all are Unique & Beautiful, just as nature intended. 
Each one is created in 14K Gold or Silver and Gold and if the design calls for it they may include other gemstones. These engagement rings are completely hand fabricated by my two hands. As my skills evolve and the stone choice increase in value, so will the difficulty of the design. Each one will be priced accordingly. But, they will never be perfect. 
(Like all my other jewelry, each one is unique and intuitively created.)

I have set the stones to cleverly incorporate their flaw into the design for a piece of jewelry that is totally unique and will stand the test of time. Only you will know their secret.
"A scar is proof of healing and much stronger than it was before." Perfectly imperfect, but stunning just the same!

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