Featured Artist - Cheryl of Art In Motion Jewelry & Metal Studio LLC

featured artist

Featured Artist : Cheryl, metal smith and creator of Art In Motion Jewelry & Metal Studio.
Currently Cheryl focuses her creative energy on silversmithing the beauties you see in the pictures above, but it wasn’t always like that. Since childhood, she spent a lot of time creating with pen and ink, sketching, woodworking, stitching, sculpting, and painting. She tried out almost every medium available, but it wasn’t until she was 50 (and mother to a 5 year old) that she discovered the beauty of metal smithing.

Instagram and word of mouth have been her marketing methods, and she suggests for you to do the same. Cheryl advised, “Make unique, quality jewelry. Word will get out, and when customers receive their order make sure it's something they will love and cherish. They will want to show everyone. When they receive compliments on it, those people become new customers, and so on and so on.”

If she could tell you one thing it would be, “The jewelry market is a highly saturated business. Be prepared to struggle and don't take it personally. Prepare your mind and heart to fail... to make mistakes... to break stones and melt bezels. Believe you can do anything you set your mind and heart to do!”

No matter the industry you’re in, Cheryl’s words ring true. I hope you find wisdom and inspiration in her story - she truly is such a beautiful human, and I am so grateful to be sharing her work with you.

Article/Interview: Emily Joyce of Coach for Creatives, Fulltime Artist

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