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Kinetic Copper Wind Chime

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≋ Art In Motion Jewelry pieces are handcrafted from scratch by Artist Cheryl Whitney-Huebner. Because the pieces are completely hand fabricated, each piece is unique and one of a kind. I do not mass produce my pieces and each one is created by my hands only.

≋ Collections are sometimes created that are similar in some aspects of each other and depending on the inspirational flow, I may continue creating a collection as long as the burst of creative energy for a design lasts. Only the highest quality materials are used in my work.

D E T A I L S: Made-to-order
Width across the largest bowl: 4" x 12" in length
These hand-forged copper low raised bowls dance and spin individually in the wind creating the most beautiful chime as they hit against one another.
Each copper sculpture is created to balance effortlessly as it spins. Each one is unique and meant to complement any decor or garden.

Hand-forged textured and raised from one solid sheet of copper. Made-to-order items will take a minimum of two weeks to create.

≋ As with all of my jewelry, I only use the highest quality materials in my work. Please be aware that each piece of jewelry I make by hand and starts out as a sheet of raw metal. You can expect slight variations or inclusions, thus adding to the uniquely original, soulful, and luxurious feel of each piece.

S H I P P I N G:
All pieces are stamped or signed, numbered, and carefully packaged. Orders are shipped via tracked mail with insurance.

Thank you for visiting my shop.
Peace, Love & Creativity
Cheryl Whitney-Huebner

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