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Industrial Chic ※ Sterling Silver ※ Earrings

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⥈ Free≁Spirited Handm∂de jewelry 2 free your ☮ GYPSY ∵ Soul ⥈ ☯≋⌘⋗⸎✿※☮⧊☼∵⍢⥉≁☯≋⌘⋗⸎✿※☮⧊☼∵⍢⥉≁☯≋⌘⋗⸎✿※☮⧊☼∵⍢⥉≁☯≋⌘⋗⸎ ⥈ Earrings length: 1.5 inches shown in Hand rubbed and polished Sterling Silver and natural multicolored amatrine beads, smokey quartz teardrop bead all forged and wrapped. All Patina Sterling Silver wire, and ear wires in sterling silver... made to last. The perfect jeans & Tshirt Earring. ⥈ 2B Free Pieces are unique & all HANDMADE and VERY LIMITED in quantity! ⥈ All earrings boast sterling silver ear wires unless otherwise noted. Due to the fact, all my pieces are handmade variations may occur but your item will very closely resemble the item shown. ☯≋⌘⋗⸎✿※☮⧊☼∵⍢⥉≁☯≋⌘⋗⸎✿※☮⧊☼∵⍢⥉≁☯≋⌘⋗⸎✿※☮⧊☼∵⍢⥉≁☯≋⌘⋗⸎ ⥈ As with all of my jewelry, I ONLY use TOP quality components in my work.