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Abstract Art Painting - Small Canvas

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Art In Motion Studios pieces are completely unique, I do not mass produce my pieces and I personally create each one you see here in my shop.

Abstract painting In Cold Wax and Acrylics on a nonbleached stretched canvas on wood.

"Cityscape" is a beautifully textured Acrylic and cold wax painting on a stretched canvas. Full of intriguing marks, I find it a serene scene. The perfect piece to make a statement in your home. 

Each piece I create is one of a kind just like my Jewelry. A piece of my soul is woven into each piece of art I create.

Title: Rain Dance
Size: 8 x 8 by 1 ready to hang
Medium: Acrylic painting
Colors: Blue, white, cream, orange, peach, pink, muted rose, teal, red, black, fuchsia, turquoise, purple, amber, brown,
Edition: Original Art

S H I P P I N G :
All pieces are signed, numbered, and carefully packaged. Orders are shipped via tracked mail with insurance.

Thank you for visiting my shop.
Peace, Love & Creativity
Cheryl Whitney-Huebner