Inspiration found

Inspiration can be found everywhere! Maybe you are inspired by straight lines and structure. Maybe your inspiration comes from the richness of color. Or just maybe you are fortunate enough to be amazed each and everyday, by allowing yourself to see beauty and inspiration everywhere you look. 

I consider myself very blessed as live in awe everyday by what my eyes see, my nose smells, my ears hear and my fingers touch. I have created my own Eden under a canopy of majestic trees. Here you will find me in peace. Absorbing the forest, reveling in the sounds and admiring mother natures perfectly imperfect creations.

In the forest... My creativity is boosted. My craving for detail and texture is heightened. My mind is cleared and my soul is restored.

"Metal is my medium, nature is my Muse"

In this moment all is right with the world, I feel a sense of joy and gratitude that I am allowed to experience this each and every day in my own back yard.  I hope my love for nature transfers to my unique style of jewelry. I hand fabricate each piece with love and the attention to detail I see around me. My goal is that you can feel that sense of peace when you receive my jewelry.

Peace, Love & Creativity


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